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Grimes Treehouse

Situated in Monks Hall, Syleham, the Blue Forest, Grimes Treehouse is designed for a quiet getaway amongst the serenity of nature. It offers a range of facilities; a dining area, kitchen, living room, relaxation areas, an outdoor fire pit and much more!

Following early engagement with the contractor, we were contacted pre-contract with a request for a quote. This early correspondence meant we were able to put forward our suggestions in the form of a proposal which could be discussed well in advance of the balustrade package being required on site. We discussed various options whilst gaining a good understanding of the overall programme that we’d need to work alongside. After several meetings, the BA team were successfully appointed the works for the full balustrade package.

The Grimes Treehouse scope required the following product:

  1. B20 powder coated and glass infill balustrade to the main deck area

Project Specification