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Terms and Conditions of Sale Supply Only or Supply and Fit

  1. Insurances

    1. The provision of a Performance Bond cover is not included.
    2. Our Professional Indemnity cover is £5 million.
    3. Our Public Liability cover (Including product liability) is £5 million.
    4. Our Employers liability cover is £10 million.
    5. Total Liquidated and Ascertained Damages are not applicable unless otherwise agreed in writing by Brass Age Ltd. Brass Age Ltd can not be held responsible for delays beyond our control or delays that are caused by the Main Contractor or other subcontractors.
  2. Access & Attendances

    1. Unless otherwise stated our quote does not allow for access equipment or scaffolding where required.
    2. Temporary edge protection, access scaffolding and access equipment is the responsibility of the client. Where scaffolding interferes with the position of the balustrading it is the responsibility of the client or main contractor to re–position this.
    3. Readily accessible electricity power points are to be provided by the client for installation works. Other site attendances are to be discussed and agreed on at the time of placing the order.
  3. Design

    1. This quotation is based on drawings submitted to Brass Age Ltd, and may be subject to confirmation following a site survey.
    2. Where drawings are submitted to the client for approval and signed approval is not returned within 7 days, it is assumed that the drawings are acceptable and that manufacture can commence, unless specifically arranged with Brass Age Ltd in writing.
    3. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that local building regulations and special requirements are complied with. Where the specifications appear to indicate part compliance, consideration should be given to the suitability of any non-complying details.
    4. Where Brass Age Ltd undertakes work on a Sub-contract basis, it is the sole responsibility of the Main Contractor to ensure that all Brass Age Ltd drawings, specifications, designs, materials and finishes, etc., are approved by their client.
  4. Delivery

    1. Delivery and inspection: – All goods should be inspected on receipt of order. Any claims should be made in writing within 24 hours.
    2. Supply only products will be dispatched upon receipt of full payment. We aim to dispatch for next day delivery when ordered before 12pm, however sometimes stock holdings do not allow us to do so. In this instance, we will communicate progress of the order and will dispatch as soon as product becomes available.
    3. Whilst every effort will be made to satisfy the client’s project completion date, delivery dates are made without
      obligation. The client accepts they will have no claims against Brass Age Ltd for failure to deliver goods by any specified date and that late delivery will not provide grounds for cancellation of any order for goods specially obtained for their order.
  5. Offloading and Distribution of Goods

    1. Whilst it is accepted under the terms of the sub-contract that Brass Age Ltd is responsible for the offloading and distribution of goods, the following assumptions must be accounted for:
      1. That a suitable lifting facility (i.e. hoists etc.) are made available by the main contractor FOC to Brass Age Ltd for the vertical movement of materials. Horizontal distribution of goods remains the responsibility of Brass Age Ltd.
      2. That suitable lifting machinery (i.e. telehandler) is available for the lighting of heavy glass stillage’s, to ground level from delivery vehicles. If either of the above is not true, then the following charges will apply: – In case i), a separate quotation for lifting of goods will be provided based on site conditions. – In case ii), a charge of £400.00 per delivery will be made for the supply of a mobile fork truck. We will endeavour to batch deliveries to minimize charges.
  6. The Site

    1. As a general rule, Brass Age Ltd prefers to work from final dimensions taken from site survey. However, we do recognize that due to sequence and program constraints, it is often necessary to progress design based on architects and engineers drawings. In this instance, the contractor needs to understand that on site adaptions and additional labour and materials may be required which will be chargeable at agreed rates prior to the works being carried out. This may also lead to unforeseen delays to program
    2. Basic concepts and sketch details can be agreed ahead of the site survey to facilitate the drawing approval process.
    3. Unless separately agreed only one survey has been allowed per project section. Additional surveys will be chargeable at £280.00 per survey if required.
    4. It is the client’s responsibility to notify Brass Age Ltd of any site changes after the site survey has taken place.
    5. We accept no responsibility for the integrity of any substrate. Surfaces to be fixed to should be firm and sound. Reinforcement, noggins, etc., may be required to achieve suitable fixings. Concrete should be minimum 30 N/mm2.
    6. Brass Age Ltd does not accept responsibility for any issues relating to waterproofing. It is the sole responsibility of the main contractor/client to ensure that adequate waterproofing measures are taken subsequent to and after our installation. This includes making good where waterproof membrane may have been disturbed by drilling.
    7. On completion of a balustrade or handrail the surfaces will be wrapped with a protective wrapping. If additional heavy duty protection is required, this is to be provided by the client as Brass Age Ltd do not take responsibility for any damage caused
      by other trades.
    8. The client is responsible to ensure that the installation area is closed off to anyone other than the Brass Age Ltd installation team for the duration of the installation.
    9. Unless stated otherwise we have not allowed for any core drilling of any pockets. Our standard fixing method is to bolt the base plates to the concrete or steel surfaces.
    10. Whilst every care will be taken by our operatives during installation procedures, Brass Age Ltd cannot accept responsibilities for costs relating to remedial work to decorated surfaces, or for costs relating to damage to floor tiles, concealed water pipes, or electric cables as a result of drilling operations.
    11. Unless separately agreed, edge protection, access & handling equipment to enable safe effective installation remains the responsibility of the main contractor.
    12. We have allowed for x number of separate site visits to install this project. Any additional visits that are required through no fault of our own (i.e. site not ready) will be charged at £600.00 per day for 2 men. These will always be issued as an extra over cost, and work will not proceed until a priced instruction is received.
  7. Quotation

    1. This quotation will remain open for a period of three months from the date of our quotation. Thereafter, our offer is subject to confirmation, and we reserve the right to amend or withdraw our quotation.
    2. We reserve the right to review our rates in the event of quantities varying from those on which our quotation has been based.
    3. Payment terms: – New customers will be on a Pro-forma basis initially. Unless otherwise stated in the quotation, our terms are strictly payable within 30 days from the date of the invoice.
    4. We reserve the right to charge interest at 10% per month on overdue accounts.
    5. All goods and materials supplied by us shall remain our property (notwithstanding that such goods and materials may have been delivered to the site and / or have been incorporated in the works) until we have received payment in full for all sums due by you to us. Until the transfer of title we shall be entitled to recover our goods or materials at any time and you are hereby deemed to have given us any such approval, as we shall require, to enter any site in order to recover the same.
    6. Variations: – Any variations to orders must be made in writing. Additional costs may be applied depending on the variations and the current progress of the order at that time.
    7. Cancellation: – Any cancellation of orders must be made in writing. Charges will be applied for any work undertaken, or any special materials procured for that order and for any other costs or expenses incurred up to the date of cancellation.
    8. Acceptance of this quotation implies acceptance of our Conditions of Sale, which shall remain binding unless otherwise agreed to in writing by us.
    9. All supply and fix prices are for working in normal working hours, unless stated otherwise. Night and weekend work will be subject to a surcharge.
  8. Contractual Retentions:

    1. Retention percentage (if contractually applicable) is to be agreed at pre-contract stage. The first 50% of such agreed retention is to be remitted within 60 days of the main contractor receiving practical completion on their project. The remaining 50% is to be remitted within 60 days of the end of the 12 month defect period relating specifically to BA Systems works, assuming these are defect free. This second moiety release is not dependent on the main contractor receiving their making good defects certificate

Glass Standards:

Toughened glass: – Our toughened glass products conform to the GGF standard for the Quality of Thermally Toughened Soda Lime Silicate Safety Glass for building. Copies of this are available on request or by clicking here.

Laminated Glass: – Our laminated glass is manufactured to our standard tolerances. If this quotation includes for laminated glass, a copy of these tolerances will be attached. Copies are available on request, or by clicking here.

Electronic communication disclaimer

Please Note the contents of all email and any attachments are confidential. They may also be legally privileged or otherwise protected from disclosure. All information and emails should not be used by anyone other than the intended recipient, nor may it be copied or disclosed to anyone who is not an original intended recipient. If you have received an email from us by mistake please notify us by emailing the sender, and then delete the email and any copies or associated attachments from your system. Liability cannot be accepted for statements or opinions made which should be entirely deemed as the senders own and not made on behalf of Brass Age Ltd. Brass Age Ltd cannot accept liability for any virus or related damage resulting from the use or receipt of any email message, attachments, website or software. You should perform your own virus checks before opening or downloading any information or attachments.