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VBA99 Antimicrobial Metal

Kills 99.9% of bacteria & viruses

The new standard for hygienic metal surfaces

Recent virus outbreaks have changed the public perception of touch surfaces, not only in health care environments, but in every area used frequently by the public.

We felt compelled to do more to help and so we developed Vetobac®, a specially formulated copper metal alloy which works 24/7, between touches and cleaning sessions to rapidly kill the pathogens.

  • A Safer Choice A Safer Choice

    Clinical trials have shown surfaces made from VBA99 can reduce contamination by more than 80% and the risk of infection by 58%.

  • Lifetime Protection Lifetime Protection

    Unlike plated or coated finishes VBA99 is a copper-based metal material. There’s no surface coating to wear-off, so even vigorous cleaning doesn’t compromise effectiveness.

  • Resilient Aesthetics Resilient Aesthetics

    VBA99 maintains its pristine finish and does not oxidise or discolour like copper or brass does. The lightly brushed finish coordinates well with stainless steel on non-touch surfaces.

The science behind the material

The antimicrobial properties of Vetobac® kill a wide range of bacteria and viruses including Coronavirus, MRSA, Norovirus and E. coli.
Mr Oko - Consultant Surgeon Testimonial
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Using copper as a Biocide
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Vetobac® Applications

VBA99 test results, NBS specifications and more:

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