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We provide certainty in a fast-paced construction world.

Certainty based on innovation, within budget constraints and bound by a firm project timeline. The complexity associated with handrails and balustrades on large-scale projects is distilled down to a reliable and rewarding experience by our expertise.

Our commitment to you

Our internal management systems ensure clear and manageable communication, as we respond to your queries and keep you updated on progress.

We can guarantee our processes and procedures enable us to collaborate intelligently with you and all relevant project personnel to ensure that your project is completed smoothly and successfully.

Our procedures prevent any difficulties for your project team and enable us to synchronise with other contractors. We respond swiftly to any issues that arise and avoid unnecessary project delays.

Our designs comply with all the relevant standards. We offer full structural calculations as part of our package, where applicable.

We do our utmost to ensure your project is delivered and fitted by the agreed deadline. We achieve this time after time by managing our workflow effectively.

We provide the necessary operations and maintenance manuals so you are fully informed on the correct process for your project. Our internal business systems also provide comprehensive client support, guaranteeing a swift response to any queries or site issues.

Corporate foundation

As a culture-driven business, we strive to continuously improve through carefully considered principles and procedures.


Our mission is to enhance the stability and quality of life through innovation, care and optimism.


Industry recognition as the No.1 provider of designer handrails and balustrades, both in project support and finished product.


We aim to enhance the stability and quality of working relationships through:

We are committed to continuous assessment and improvement of the way we work, and the products and services we offer.

While respecting both customers and suppliers alike, we are committed to company and team loyalty. We care about everything we do.

We have an optimistic outlook, always looking for positive resolutions to challenges.

With over two decades’ experience in the design, manufacture and installation of high-quality handrail and balustrade systems, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide exactly what is needed. We respond quickly to feedback, coordinate seamlessly with other contractors and work to short lead times, planning for reliable delivery.

Our people


We are proud to have successfully achieved accreditation from, and are fully compliant with the following regulatory bodies.

All these combined means you receive the safest, most professional service possible. See it come together in the BA Systems projects:

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