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Addlestone High Street

Located just southeast of London, Addlestone is a quiet suburb of London which has many different facilities to offer.

BA Systems and Plan A architects collaborated on creating balustrades for the client. BA Systems improved balcony balustrades by extending and concealing the base trim for a seamless join with the facia.

We created a façade for the Addlestone building entrance that matched the other balcony facades.

This was a great addition to the building as it highlights where the door is and also makes the entrance look appealing.

We also installed a vertical bar balustrade system onto the brickwork that runs around the building.

The balustrading around the Addlestone building was well-tied with the balustrades on the balconies above, as they used the same system for installation.

The vertical bar balustrades were installed by drilling into the brickwork to secure these balustrades in place.

Project Achievements

Contractor Testimonial

Thanks for all your efforts on getting the project at Addlestone finished earlier this year,  the project turned out really well, looked great and the balconies gave it a really nice finishing touch.

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