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Masonry Support Systems: Building Barriers™


Following recent investment in our all new ‘state of the art’ laser cutting machinery, we are pleased to be able to announce we’re advancing in our manufacturing capabilities and can now offer the supply-only of a variety of Masonry Support Systems including Stainless A1 Fire Rated Non-Combustible Cavity Tray’s in line with British Standards.

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BA Systems offer a full design, manufacture, and install package of Balustrades and Handrails to the Construction industry predominantly, but also can offer the supply-only of some of our systems to smaller construction projects. We are very passionate about our mantra ‘Building Barriers for Safer Spaces’. We build barriers where they are most needed, on the edges of balconies, stairways and atriums creating safe spaces for people to enjoy scenic views, outdoor living and move safely between various levels within buildings. Our latest offerings are barriers set into the Cavity of a Wall; Windposts, Cavity Trays and other Stainless Angles, Trays and Brackets that we can manufacture locally at our Aluminium Workshop on quick lead times to the highest of standards.


Utilising our manufacturing and engineering capabilities, the supply of metal components to brickwork and masonry sub-contractors and builders is a segment of our Business we are currently growing and can currently offer the following:

    1. Cavity Tray Systems
    2. Cavity Tray Components
      1. Pre-Formed End Stops
      2. Pre-Formed Corners
      3. Weep Vents
    3. Windposts
      1. L Profile
      2. C Profile
      3. Box Profile
      4. Flat Profile
      5. Cantilevered
      6. Masonry Ties
    4. Bespoke Angles, Trays & Brackets

Our full product range will be updated to our website soon so watch this space!

For more details, please contact Nathan Devine who will be happy to assist with your enquiry!

email: call: 01603 722330



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