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The 6 Benefits of Balustrade and Parapet Windposts


There is often a requirement for a low-level brick parapet with aluminium or stone coping and a low-level balustrade in glass or steel to provide protection to the edge of the terrace or balcony to a minimum of 1100mm from the finished floor. Too often there isn’t a coordinated detail between the wind post centres and the centres required for brackets supporting the balustrade.

This can be solved with early design coordination and incorporating a first-fix balustrade bracket which is already installed as part of the windpost structure within the brickwork. This industry insight discusses the benefits of balustrade and parapet windposts highlighting the issues that can be mitigated.

  • 01 Internal view of balustrade and parapet windposts
  • 02 External view of balustrade and parapet windposts

1. Ease of Installation

Parapet and balustrade windposts provide a simple and fast install method for the balustrades as the bracket is designed to suit a modular fix ensuring ease of installation of the balustrade second fix. This reduces time spent on tricky details, therefore ensuring install dates can be met effectively.

Figure 1: Detail from recent project to show Balustrade and Parapet Windpost integrating with Balustrade


2. Design Benefits

With a clear idea of the fixing method from an early stage in the project, our design team can confidently provide a fixing detail solution that interfaces well with the bracket already installed. Too often balustrade design hasn’t been considered in the design of the parapet wall and metalwork has to be retrofitted to take the required balustrade loading, leading to delays. If this can be agreed at an early stage based on the balustrade bracket, we can ensure this is avoided.

3. Less Coordination with other trades

On all projects, coordination with other trades plays a large part. When designing a balustrade fixing solution, there is often consideration to be made on what impact our balustrade will have on other trades, particularly concerning the sequence at which the subcontractor works are carried out. The bracket allows a single structure to be installed that serves two purposes: a wind post and balustrade first fix bracket. This avoids the need for both design and onsite coordination between multiple trades designing products that serve conflicting purposes.

4. Programme Deadlines

The balustrade can be delivered to the site in modules to allow a very quick second fix installation. This provides certainty that programme deadlines can be met ensuring the successful and on-time completion of projects.

5. Secure fixing detail

The balustrade is supported by the steel windpost which is designed to meet the required loading for the balustrade. The fixing bracket for the balustrade is designed to provide tolerance when fixing the balustrade at second fix stage.


Figure 2: Detail of balustrade and windpost integration detail

Balustrade and winpdost detail to show fixing coordination

6. Less cost involved

A simple well-thought-out design that has been considered during the early stages of the project negates the need for re-design and changes further down the line. This reduces the overall time spent on design and installation, reducing costs. There is also savings through combining the first-fix balustrade bracket and windpost in a single product.

As manufacturers of balustrades and handrails and more recently of masonry products; non-combustible cavity tray systems and windposts, we’re always looking for ways to innovate and advance our products to provide modular systems that offer hassle-free installation.

Made in our Production Facilities and with the advantage of our in-house design team, we’re able to adapt and design our products to support sites around the UK, providing full packages where we can amend and adapt the design to suit your bespoke requirements.

We provide a range of stainless steel and mild steel windposts for structural facades and brick walls. Supplied with complete fixing packs for simple on-site installation, we can provide L-Profile, C-Profile, Box-Profile, Parapet & Balustrade Windposts and Masonry Ties.

For more details on our Windpost Range, check out our full product range here

Contact one of the team to find out more about the system and how to specify! BA Systems provides a full and comprehensive design, manufacture, and install service of our balustrade and handrail products and systems. Find out more about us on this link here or contact one of our technical consultants for no-obligation advice on how to correctly specify balustrade systems for a wide variety of sectors and applications.

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