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Infection Control Products – Handwash Stations & Social Distancing Screens


Response Strategy to COVID-19

Due to recent social distancing measures introduced both in our factory and on sites and to respond the recent Covid-19 government advice for our sector, we have developed a range of Infection Control Products including Social distancing Screens & Handwash Stations.  We have developed this to make use of our production and design capabilities to do what we can to assist in providing a system that may help in the implementation of the government’s recently published Site Operating Procedures. 

See below images to illustrate the different applications of this screen. The modular infill panels between posts have been designed to accommodate relevant graphics, social distancing guidelines and other PPE attachment panels required.



To supplement this and other sanitisation measures, we are also able to provide supply of other key consumables such as hand sanitisation soap, disposable gloves and a range of Hand Wash Stations.


  1. Basic Handwash Station

2. Z1 Handwash Station

3. Z2 Handwash Station

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