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Covid-19 Update


In response to the current need to control infection, BA Systems are now able to offer a range of Infection Barriers. An increasing emphasis is being made on the need to sanitise following the Government’s latest guidelines on Hygiene, we’ve got you covered!


Purify Post

Elite Hand Sanitiser Post

  • No contact with hands
  • Quick assembly
  • Made in Britain
  • A Product from our Vetobac range
  • Comes with 2nr refills per unit included foc
  • Option to integrate crowd control solution if required


  • Covid-19 Update
  • Covid-19 Update
  • Covid-19 Update
  • Covid-19 Update

Modular Screens 

Social Distancing Screen

  • Portable product that can be easily moved to different locations
  • Modular assembly for a variety of applications in welfare, retail and catering facilities
  • Clear pannel screen
  • Canteen/ Office Table Screens
  • Freestanding clear screen system for tables
  • Easy-to-assemble and modular system
  • Covid-19 Update
  • Covid-19 Update


Vetobac option for handrails 

Antimicrobial Handrail 

  • Tested and proven to inactivate bacteria within 4 hours (including covid-19)

Watch this video here for the evidence!

  • Covid-19 Update

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