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BA Systems has signed on two college students, Amy and Drewe, under the Career Advantage Programme (CAP).

What is CAP?

The Career Advantage Programme (CAP) provides members with the opportunity to gain the skills and aptitude to achieve rapid success in their post-school careers.

The program does this by:

  1. Providing a selection of professional training courses that can be completed alongside senior school studies
  2. Analysing the capability of each student professionally to ensure the student can effectively complete the courses
  3. Sponsorship for these students to carry out extra-curricular studies in the last 2 years of school
  • Career Advantage Programme

Why is CAP Important?

There is an increasing awareness globally that high school studies alone are not adequately preparing students for the modern workforce. The Career Advantage Programme is aimed at equipping students with the necessary skills to bring positive benefits to businesses from day one.

“A recent Gallup poll affirmed employer concern. Only one in ten business leaders strongly agreed that institutions were graduating students with the skills and competencies their businesses needed” – Forbes Magazine, August 2014

“A key challenge for … senior secondary education is how to develop and provide high-quality and authentic workplace and career exploration as an embedded and fundamental part of the secondary school curriculum” – Australian Government, National Vocational Education & Training Research Program, December 2014

It’s a pressing problem and BA Systems is playing its part to strengthen the position of students that take advantage of this opportunity.


What is BA Systems doing?

a)      Supporting students in taking up extra professional training courses alongside of their senior school studies to provide them with the skills and aptitude to achieve rapid success in their post school careers.

b)      Support by way of:

i. Contributing to course costs and related expenses.

ii.  Providing a bursary to encourage further postgraduate studies, training and career advancement.

iii. Offering 100 hours of work experience to each student so they can develop their business experience.

iv. Giving them access to weekly business training sessions.


Our expected outcomes for our CAP students:

  • Improve their employment opportunities.
  • Increase their capacity to earn a higher income on graduation.
  • Help them to make rapid progress along their career paths.

Learn more about the BA Systems mission, vision and values.


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