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B40 A2 Frameless Glass Balustrades: Frequently asked questions


We’re often asked questions on the compliance of our B40 A2 Rated Frameless Glass Balustrade System; here we’ve compiled a guide with a few of the most frequently asked questions.




  1. Does the product Pyroguard T-25-1 have a third-party certification? 

Yes, it is Certified by Efectis, France, and Applus, Spain. Efectis, France is the CE and UKCA marking body.

  1. How are the edges protected from moisture? Fire-rated interlayer is very susceptible to moisture and we need to understand how the stainless steel or aluminium edges, support channel, and handrail protect the gel interlayer from moisture over the life of the balustrade. 

This product is a Toughened Fire-rated glass product. On either side of a Thermal Spacer, there is Toughened safety glass. There is Intumescent gel between the glass and thermal spacer. This Spacer is 3mm thick. It is also secondary sealed with a Polysulphide product so it’s the same as a commercial double-glazed unit. Because of this seal and the thermal spacer, there is no risk of any moisture ingress attacking the intumescent interlayer. The only reason why the steel or aluminium edge supports are applied is to protect against UV degradation on the Polysulphide, and so this needs to be covered which also acts as a decorative option to hide the black line around the glass. The rest of the product and the intumescent gel is UV resistant.

  1. The UV resistance warranty from Pyroguard is limited to 10 years, but what is the life expectancy of the interlayer

The glass has a 10-year warranty, however, the life expectancy of the interlayer is 25 years.

  1. What glass build-up was tested for the 1B1 impact performance.

The Balustrade glass is a hybrid of the normal fire-rated products with the outer panes being made thicker. The product used for the impact tests to EN12600 is 13mm pyroguard T which is made up of 5mm toughened – 3mm Intumescent gel – 5mm Toughened.

  1. For the durability tests, what was the sample build-up and how was the edge protected.

5mmToughened /3mm gel/5mm Toughened glass and the edge was protected by aluminium tape.

  1. Is this product fully tested and signed off for use as building control compliant in terms of non-combustibility for the whole balustrade system and achieving a minimum of the A2-S1, d0

EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009 can’t be used for testing complete systems with multiple materials involved. All other elements, the internal grout, aluminium channel, and trims are all A1 rated according to EU directive 96/603/EC. The powder coating tests are covered in our report with resultant A2 compliance.

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