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Boatman’s House

The Boatman’s House scheme is situated in East London. Located on the Waterfront of Millwall Dock, the project has delivered 98 apartments and includes balcony areas on 3 elevations, with the west offering views of the city.

We began correspondence with HG Construction once they had already been awarded the contract. The scheme had a variety of requirements for Balustrades across the project, our proposal however was just for the Privacy Screens of which we proposed the following:

Product Specification 1

  • Area: B20 Post and Glass Infill Privacy Screens
  • Infill: Designed with 10mm thick opaque privacy toughened and heat-soaked glass supported in base and top channel
  • Design Load: 0.74kN/m
  • Balustrade Height: 1800mm plus SSL to FFL build-up
  • Handrail: Flat bar top rail with u-profile to clamp the glass, PPC finish

Product Specification 2 

  • Area: B20 Post and Perforated Metal Infill Balustrades
  • Infill: Decorative perforated metal infill PPC coated supported in top and bottom horizontal channels
  • Design Load: 0.74kN/m
  • Balustrade Height: 1700mm plus SSL to FFL build-up
  • No handrail required

The Screens were required for the 4th Floor Balcony, 5th, 6th and 8th Floor Roof Terrace and also for the Ground Floor Terraces.

Specification Details