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A2 Fire rated glass balustrades: Looking for fire rated glass balustrades for residential projects over 11 metres?


Here they are! After thorough testing and development, we have been able to adapt our B40 Frameless Glass System to conform to Document B Building regulations. This is a big step forward in that we can now offer this A2 Fire Rated glass balcony solution for residential projects over 11m.

  • 03 cgi of a-2-fire rated glass


The most commonly used glass for balustrades to balconies on high rise buildings has been glass that is laminated with a PVB or SG interlayer. Typically, these laminates have been considered combustible and therefore not permissible under the current building regulations due to the ban on combustible materials on the external face of residential buildings. *Refer to Industry Insight here* These building regulations came into force on 21st December 2018.  The amendment banned the use of all combustible materials on the external face of buildings over 11m tall. To be compliant, materials have to achieve a fire classification of A2-s1 or A1 classified in accordance with BS EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009. BA Systems B40 Fire Rated provides a fire rated glass balcony solution that is compliant with BS EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009!


  • 01 view of b40 a2 balcony balustrade
  • 02 view of balcony with edging

Following confirmation of compliance with the A2 fire rating requirement, BA Systems carried out in-house tests to assess the structural performance of the product.

The first test shows how the glass reacts under impact of a 50kg swing bag dropped from a height of 1m above the line of impact. This test attempts to create a live simulation of a weight falling against the barrier to assess how it responds to the sharp impact.

The swing bag or impact ball was lifted and swung three times. The glass showed no signs of fracture or any sign of permanent deflection after the test and was considered entirely successful. The accompanying video shows the test being carried out.

The second test carried out shows how the glass deflects under load to assess its suitability for use in a balustrade to a residential balcony. This is measured against the deflection requirements outlined in BS:6180.

These results are well within the deflection limits for a standard 0.74kN/m requirement for a residential balcony balustrade and is therefore fully compliant. Full test reports are available should you require further information!

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